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Dear Visionary,

I am delighted to invite you on behalf of MEF.DEV to become a member of Digital Transformation Community today and join to Technical Preview MEF.DEV platform. MEF.DEV group is aimed at managers, IT engineers, and developers who are involved in Digital Transformation by designing software and tools that will facilitate interaction both internally and externally with customers.

The goal of the group is to suggest where to start in Digital Transformation projects, and how developers with technical knowledge gain the necessary management skills to successfully implement the project. Typically, digital transformation requires a transformation in the development process, so you can exchange views on how best to modernize the way software is developed and deployed. This significantly increases the chances of a successful digital transformation and puts the IT role at the forefront of the project.

Here are some great perks you get for becoming a member:

  • to find out members-only practical experience in Digital transformation projects
  • to ask particular questions to members and get the answers taking into account the Ukrainian experience for project implementation

Now, the important details - click here to join our LinkedIn Group today and read more about Digital transformation projects in Ukraine.

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to your membership and hope for your active participation in the community life.

Kindly regards,
Sergej Polovnikov
and MEF.DEV Authors